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Monthly Meeting Notes - October 20, 2020

Apple Grove Beekeepers Association

Meeting Minutes



John Beers called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. (Slade was unable to attend the meeting and asked John to step in for him in his absence.)

There were 11 members present.

Old Business

There was no old business to discuss.

New Businesss

John presented the Treasurer’s report:

Bank Statement ending balance 9/30/2020 - $2,264.82

Checkbook balance: $2,264.82

Cash: $550.01

Checks Outstanding: 0.00

PayPal Balance: $0.00

There are 13 copies of the Beekeeping Basics and 19 copies of the Field Guide to Honey Bees.

John reminded everyone that we had discussed making changes to the Constitution and By-Laws of The Apple Grove Beekeepers Association in a previous meeting. These changes were brought about due to COVID-19 and the months we were unable to meet. John briefly went over what the proposed changes were and said that an email will circulate to every member to review so that we can be prepared to vote on them in our November or December meeting. In brief the proposed changes include: To eliminate the requirement of the President to be a member of the State Beekeepers Association. And, to add positions for a Webmaster and/or to handle Social Media which would include Facebook and answering emails.

John mentioned to the members that in past we have had a “Pot Luck” dinner at our December meeting. It was suggested by one member to have Roast Beef and no one disagreed. The club will furnish the meat and drinks and then the members will bring a dish. This meeting/Pot Luck will be held on Tuesday, December 15, 2020. We will need to get permission from the church to use the kitchen and perhaps the room adjacent to it. During our December meeting, the new officers will be elected and duties will begin for the new officers in January 2021.

During our November meeting, a nominations committee of 3 will need to be established for nominating new officers and an audit committee will need to be established for auditing the Treasurer’s records. Volunteers are welcomed!!


Jill Kelly presented on Beehive Recordkeeping with a slide presentation. She provided a lot of good information and brought up points as to why recordkeeping is important. Jill mentioned that there were several apps and/or software for Beehive recordkeeping. However, even though there might be software and/or apps available, we should still check behind technology. Some information and ideas to include in your recordkeeping would be a Hive Name/Identity, Location of the hive, inspection date, honey production, is it a new hive or last year’s hive, new queen or old, are you feeding the hive, have you seen the queen and is she marked, is there a good brood pattern, is there pollen and nectar, suspicious of pests and/or diseases and have you tested for mites. A tape recorder can come in handy to use as you check each hive and then you can listen back to it as you record your notes.

Jill closed her presentation by asking if anyone would like to share ideas on what works for them or what others might find helpful. Several members made comments. One member said he likes to include the description of the queen so that he can tell during the next inspection if she was replaced or not. Another member talked about using bricks and for what reasons.

All information shared during this presentation was very helpful! Thank you Jill.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Minutes Submitted By:

Linda Carpenter, Secretary

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