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Monthly Meeting Notes - October 19, 2021

Apple Grove Beekeepers Association

Meeting Minutes


Slade called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Members Present (12) including 1 family membership (tonight) - (2 Guests)

Slade welcomed members and our guests to the meeting. Linda asked for an update on the Solar Project. Slade said that he knows the High School is very busy right now and cannot get involved in the Solar Project as they had originally wanted to. Slade said that we will need to step up if we have interest. Slade said that he has not heard from anyone in a while but anticipated that the project would start Spring of 2022.

Linda announced that she did not send out the email to everyone regarding the Hives for Heroes as she had said she would do during our last meeting. She obtained a list of the cities where the Veterans were located and the closest cities were Charlottesville and Fredericksburg and therefore did not feel our club would be of interest to them due to the distance. Linda brought the information to the meeting if there was anyone who had interest in reaching out or wanted the information.

Linda also announced that she had received an email from a lady in the Shannon Hill area who wanted help with inspecting her hive. She was a second year beekeeper. Linda invited her to come to the meetings. Jim MacInnis lives in the Shannon Hill area and said he would contact her to see if he could help.

There was no additional new or old business so the floor was given to Doug Anderson to present on Beginning Beekeeping Overview.

Doug had a visual presentation and everyone was provided with a handout. There was a display of a poster, hive body, along with the various beekeeping equipment (smoker, hive tool, jacket, gloves, queen excluder, entrance reducer, etc.) to show attendees. Doug presented a thorough overview and as always, did a fantastic job. He took time to answer questions and then asked other members to share what they know now that they wished they knew then when they first started in beekeeping.

A list of Providers of Packages, Nucs and Queens was distributed to those who were interested.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Minutes Submitted by:

Linda Carpenter


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