Monthly Meeting Notes - June 21, 2022

Apple Grove Beekeepers Association

Meeting Minutes


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Jeff Maurer presented the Treasurer’s Report:

UNITED BANK ACCOUNT - As of 5/31/2022

Checking Account Balance: $2,988.63

Cash on Hand - $195.41

Total: $3,184.04

The $50.00 check for books we bought for the beginner beekeeping class is still outstanding. Jeff will call Keith Tignor to check on the status and to make sure the payment was received.

Books Remaining:

Beekeeping Basics - 17

Field Guides - 14

Linda Carpenter reported that the “Around The Hive” event which was the last session of the Beginning Beekeeping class took place on June 18th at Doug Anderson’s Apiary. Doug and Keith lead the hive inspections and folks split up between the two of them. The weather was perfect, there was a nice breeze and this was an awesome opportunity. She said we experienced using a fume board and honey bandit to pull honey frames, we found and marked queens with a 1 handed queen catcher, identified a laying worker, identified the multiple eggs in a cell, and we merged hives due to the laying worker, we identified brood, larvae and eggs, used the brush to properly brush off bees on the frame, used the smoker, identified propolis a bee was bringing in vs. pollen, and Doug and Keith shared their method of recordkeeping. This event was a wonderful hands on experience and those that attended were glad they did!

Doug Anderson shared his presentation on Honey Extraction Methods and Wax Rendering. We talked further about the various tools that are needed to extract, what to do if honey is not capped and moisture levels. There was good discussion, sharing methods and tools that have been found helpful, questions, etc. THANK YOU DOUG!!

The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30 p.m.

Minutes Submitted By:

Linda Carpenter

AGBA - Secretary

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