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Monthly Meeting Notes - January 19, 2021

Apple Grove Beekeepers Association

Meeting Minutes


ZOOM MEETING - 7:00 p.m.

Doug Anderson (Master Beekeeper) presented on Setting Up Bait Hives


· Deep swarm traps (5 frames) work the best

· Use any size frames you want (preferred medium or deep)

· Use one frame with foundation (with drawn comb if you have it) and place it to the back - other frames should be left empty with either starter strips along the top of the frames or left as is. Empty frames will provide more space for the bees which they like. The bees will build comb down on the frames.

· Use lemongrass or Swarm Commander as an attractant - Remember LESS IS MORE! Beeswax can also be used as an attractant. Frames can be brushed with beeswax or brushed along the top strip of the frame to be used as a starter strip for the bees.

· Place bait hives on a tree limb or tree stand. Remember it can get heavy, so place it carefully so that you can bring it down without a great deal of trouble.

· Set the swarm box level and face it south to south east.

· Once a swarm has been caught, remove the box and then bait and set another one in the same place. Scout bees that have been searching for a new home may have found the first bait hive and still have plans to come!

· FREE BEES are always good! If you should get “wild” ferel bees, they are more tolerant to weather conditions and resistant to mites. You will know if they are ferel bees when you have trapped in a more remote area where there are no beekeepers with bees around on neighboring properties or in the area. The queen will also not be marked.

This meeting was very informative and nicely presented. If you did not have an opportunity to join us for this meeting, please consider joining us next month. Watch for an email for the topic to be announced and the link to join. There is an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the meeting and there are experienced beekeepers participating that are available to help. Come join us!

Minutes Submitted By:

Linda Carpenter, Secretary

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