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Monthly Meeting Notes - February 16, 2021

Apple Grove Beekeepers Association

Meeting Minutes


ZOOM MEETING - 7:00 p.m.

Allison Wickham from Scottsville Supply Company presented on Honey Management

Allison owns Siller Pollinator Company in Scottsville, VA and works part time at Scottsville Supply Company. Siller Pollinator Company offers Honey Bee Hive Install, Hive Management, Adopt-A-Hive, Consulting, Pollinator Habitat Management & Consulting, Bee Removal, Pollinator and Beekeeping Education. Her website is:

Allison has travelled all over the world and started beekeeping in Hawaii. She commented that beekeeping was easier in Hawaii in terms of Honey Production than it is here in Virginia.


Location Matters -

· nectar sources should be in a 3 mile radius for your bees

· the closer the nectar the more honey they will produce

· Main nectar flow plants are: blackberries, clover, fruit trees, Redbud, Tulip Poplar, Black Locust, Basswood, Sourwood, Thistles, Goldenrod and Asters.

· Stop feeding an overwintered colony the 2nd half of March if they have 20 lbs. of stores.

· Add a honey super at the beginning of April.

· Watch the bees, the trees and the weather. Open nectar in the brood nest, white wax, foundation being drawn if you are not feeding, flowers, warm and wet, are all signs that the nectar flow has started.

· Add another super if 70% of your frames are drawn in a previous super.

Colony Management -

· Look in the hive when weather permits to find out what happened in the hive over winter. Find out how much honey is left, is pollen left, do you have a queen, is there brood? Clean up and organize the hive.

· Look at the brood pattern, does your queen need to be replaced? If you need to replace her, do so at the start of the major nectar flow.

· Do you want to split? Are the bees trying to swarm? If you are going to split, do it early to allow time for building up.

· Reversing brood boxes can keep your queen out of your honey supers.

· Reversing brood boxes is part of swarm management.

· It helps to have clean empty comb for your bees to store nectar. Did you know, it takes 25 lbs. of honey to draw 10 frames?

· You need to have a lot of bees to go into winter and low mite counts.

Allison was a wealth of information and her presentation was presented nicely. There was an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the meeting and I think everyone who attended the meeting took away useful information and tips for better beekeeping. Between Scottsville Supply Co. and the services Allison offers through her company, they are sure to meet your needs. Stop by to say hello! Scottsville Supply Co. is located at 137 E. Main Street, Scottsville, VA 24590 Website:

Minutes Submitted By:

Linda Carpenter, Secretary

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