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Monthly Meeting Notes - February 15, 2022

Apple Grove Beekeepers Association

Meeting Minutes


Slade called the meeting to order

Members Present (9)

Slade welcomed everyone present.

Jeff Maurer presented the Treasurer’s Report:

UNITED BANK ACCOUNT - As of January 31, 2022

Checking Account Balance: $3,068.86

Cash on Hand - $112.41

Jeff said that he paid CVAG our annual donation in the amount of $102.23

Linda got permission from Pastor B to use our meeting room at the Church for our Beginning Beekeeping class on March 14, 21 and 28 from 7 to 9.

Our March 15th club meeting is still on schedule!

We talked about the upcoming beginner beekeeping class and how it will be structured. Although the Beekeeping Basics book is not necessary to purchase and the class is not being taught from it, all of the topics we will teach follow along with the book. We all agreed that Pests and Diseases will be talked about, however not in great length. We discuss this topic during our regular meetings and we all felt it would be too time consuming and overwhelming for the new beekeeper. Jeff Maurer will order more Beekeeping Basics books so that we have more available.

Slade Hart mentioned that he got a call from a new representative regarding the Solar Project. She said that they are still working on the paperwork, however she would like to organize a site visit with someone soon and have a clearer understanding on what we will need i.e. what they should plant, size of an area we need, fencing, etc. She is hoping the solar farm would be ready for bees by next Spring. Slade said that a mobile storage shed was not out of the question. Jeff Coates, an AGBA member present, expressed an interest to help with this project.

We discussed swarm traps and that at the end of February and in to March is a good time to get those up and ready. Trees are already showing signs of budding! Questions and discussion continued and included what bees were doing now and feeding ratios.

This was a nice meeting which adjourned at approximately 8:30 p.m.

Minutes Submitted By:

Linda Carpenter

AGBA - Secretary

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