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Monthly Meeting Notes - January 21, 2020

Apple Grove Beekeepers Association

Meeting Minutes



Slade called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

We had 3 groups of guests visiting with us tonight! WELCOME!

Treasurer’s report was presented by John Beers:

Bank Statement balance 12/31/2019: $2,375.44

Checkbook balance: $2,375.44

Cash: $150.51

Paypal Balance: $0.00

There are 14 copies of the Beekeeping Basics and 12 copies of the Field Guide to Honey Bees.

John communicated that we donate 10% every 6 months to the church of any of our proceeds we collect to pay for our meeting space.

He also said that we already have 2 people signed up for the beekeeping class.

John asked the clubs opinion about ordering queens from the Ohio breeder and commented that he has had very little response since he opened it to the club and to other clubs in the area. He asked if we should open it up again and extend the deadline. The queens would be expected anywhere from June 1 to July 1 and would cost anywhere from $30.00 to $35.00. The queens would be Mite Maulers, Ankle Biters or Crossfire which is a crossbreed. The club agreed on extending the deadline to February 8th and to offer it to the other clubs as well.

New Business

The Beginner Beekeeping class will cost $20.00 per family. Dates of the classes will be February 3rd, 10th and the 17th from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Sometime in March, weather permitting, there will be a 4th class “Around the Hive”.

Slade mentioned that there are mentors available for the new members. Jill commented that perhaps we should be thinking about offering a new mentor class for those that are interested in becoming one.


TOPIC FOR TONIGHT - “Around the Hive”

Tonight we had a panel of 3 experienced beekeepers that answered our questions. The panel consisted of Elise Conrad, Owner of Bee West Apiary, Mark Clements, Owner of Salt & Pepper Farm and Keith White, Co-Owner of Honey & The Hive.

Elise, Mark and Keith did an excellent job answering questions and providing helpful information and tips based on their experience. All 3 members of the panel had an opportunity to answer the same question which allowed everyone an opportunity he hear different perspectives. Keith is a swarm catcher and he prefers wild bees. So he was able to share his experiences from that perspective. Since no 2 beekeepers will tell you how to do something or explain something in the same way, it was nice and very helpful to have this session.

A good book recommended to all: “Honey Bee Democracy” by: Thomas D. Seeley

Another very helpful and informative meeting!

The meeting was adjourned a little after 9:00 p.m.

Minutes Submitted By:

Linda Carpenter, Secretary

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