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Monthly Meeting Notes - September 17, 2019

Apple Grove Beekeepers Association

Meeting Minutes



Slade called the meeting to order at approximately 7:00 p.m.

Present: Approximately 23 members were present

Treasurer’s report was presented by John Beers:

Checking: $1,585.94

Checkbook balance 8/31/2019: $1,585.94 Paypal Balance: $357.85

There are 17 copies of the Beekeeping Basics and 15 copies of the Field Guide

Old Business:

Dogwood Baptist Church is having a Fall Festival on October 19, 2019 from 10:00 -

2:00. Durwood Willis and Chip Carpenter have volunteered to participate on behalf of the club. Slade said he will find out where the observation hive is and perhaps we have other materials that can be used.

New Business:

Several members have signed up to work the honey booth at the State Fair. The shifts are

for 4 hours each and the club will get paid for the hours worked. There are still shifts that need coverage for anyone interested. Club members who have worked this booth in the past, commented that it is a fun time. So if you are interested, check it out and sign up!

There was much discussion about offering a beginner beekeeping class and when it should be offered. And, if it should be held on weekends or weeknights. There was no final decision made. A suggestion was made to have 3 classes and then 1 field day. John Beers mentioned he had old flyers that were used to advertise classes in the previous years. These are available to be used as templates if there is interest to do so.

Slade mentioned that the Louisa High School has 9 hives now. He met with the teacher and the students and said they have a great deal of enthusiasm and interest with the bees.

Doug Anderson presented Preparing Hives for the Winter. Doug also shared his personal experiences and what works for him. Four important factors for winter survival are: Low

Parasites, Honey Stores, Weather Protection and Fat Healthy Bees. Doug talked about

each factor in depth. This presentation was very helpful!

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Minutes Submitted By:

Linda Carpenter, Secretary

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