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Monthly Meeting Notes - January 15, 2019


The regular meeting of the Apple Grove Beekeepers Association was called to order at 7:02 pm on January 15, 2019 in the CVAG meeting room by Dennis Conrad.


26 existing members, 0 new members

Treasurer’s Report

Submitted by John Beers and attached, dated 1-19-19. Balance: $2758.93

General Business

  • John Beers gave a Queen Purchase update: Ordered 8 Purdue ankle biters and 28 Italian redline mite maulers.

  • No one signed up for the top bar class scheduled for Feb 2nd.

  • 2 people signed up for beginner bee class on Feb 23rd.

  • Please share class info if you can.

General Business concluded 7:20 pm


Topics discussed:

- Hive Moving:

Gary Schatz moved a hive and spoke to the group. Highlights: Found a site with morning sun, wind break and less obvious to neighbors. Watched YouTube videos, some were helpful, some were not. Close up the hive at night. The most difficult part was physically moving the hive, because it will slide around. Need ventilation. Need bees to be fed prior or have food in the hive. After moving, keep hive closed 24 hours to 3 days so the bees don’t leave. Put branches in front of the hive so they don’t have a straight shot out of the hive. Be sure to orient the hive correctly. Gary moved his in the spring, 200-300 feet from original site. Recommendations: videos, articles, mentor, wear gear. Dennis Conrad recommends moving at night and you can wear a red light on hat because we can see it but bees can’t.

- Pollen Feeding:

Pollen feeding promotes egg laying.

Mark Clements suggested “Ultra Bee” dry pollen substitute. Dennis Conrad said it can help fight nosema, foul brood.

Pollen patties can attract hive beetles.

Suggestions on where to get: Honey and the Hive Mobile Beekeeping Supplies (Facebook, Doug Anderson: / 804-501-8266 or Keith White: / 804-690-9904), Valley Bee Supply.

- What Topics Would The Group Like To See?

Open Question & Comment Period

Minimize entrance if robbing is occurring.

Ankle biters bite the legs on mites, mite mailers crush the mite shell.

Lemon queen sunflower and crimson clover are some good plants for bees.

Swarm traps up by March.

Last year Dennis Conrad split hives in late February/early March. Splits mean new hives for no money.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:55 pm by Dennis Conrad. The next general meeting will be at 7 pm on 2-19-19, in the CVAG meeting room.

Minutes submitted by:

Eileen Carroll, Secretary

Approved by:


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