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Monthly Meeting Notes - July 17, 2018


The regular meeting of theApple Grove Beekeepers Association was called to order at 7 PM on July 17, 2018 in the CVAG meeting room by Dennis Conrad.


32 members, no new members

Approval of Agenda


Approval of Minutes


Open Issues

  • Regarding the Queens that were ordered: discussed among those who ordered them, particularly when would be too late for them to arrive. John Beers had reached out to the company but had not heard back, having had the expectation they would be delivered by July. It was decided that if the Queens would not be delivered by August 4, we will cancel our order.

  • T-shirt order – Eileen Carroll to contact the company for an update

  • Upcoming Ag Fair – Eileen Carroll briefed the group

  • James Maitland explained the bee hive distribution program by the Virginia Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services

New Business

  • It was suggested AGBA make a donation to the Central VA Assembly of God Church (CVAG) for allowing us to use their facility for meetings. John Beers suggested that in May and December, the club donate 10% of our income to CVAG. Jill Kelly made the motion to donate 10% of AGBA income at the end of May and at the end of November to CVAG, writing the church checks in June and December. Slade Hart seconded. Discussion: none. Vote: yes = all, no = none. Motion passed.

  • Audit committee was represented by Leonhardt Anderson. He explained the committee reviewed the treasurer’s report (from 7-17 through 6-18) and found all the finances in good order. Reverend Bernie Newcomb made a motion to accept the audit report. Slade Hart seconded. Discussion: none. Vote: yes = all, no = none. Motion passed.

  • John Beers presented the treasurer’s report. Checking account = $2387.18, Cash on hand = $150.00, Total = $2537.18. Plus books on hand

General Business concluded 7:40 pm


Topics discussed:

- mite treatment – methods to determine mite counts (sugar shake, alcohol soak) ** for videos/info

- nosema “A”&”C”. Ashely can test for nosema “A” and mites (with 10 bees in a baggie, drop off in her mailbox)

- pollen substitute

- the discussion veered to “New Beekeeper Class”. Dennis Conrad: need to set a November date, need volunteers (4 per 8 hour Saturday class @ 2 hour blocks). Follow existing syllabus. Also have a class in February. Also a top bar class. Mike Snavely asked about possible evening classes instead of a full Saturday. Slade Hart suggested a class for a real time bee installation. Jill Kelly suggested forming an education committee to organize classes, outreach. John Beers suggested a core group of instructors to begin with, customize program and build from there.

- There was discussion about possibly getting involved with the ice cream shop in Louisa (Frosties) by donating some sort of “pro honey bee” visual. The group decided to pass.

Agenda for Next Meeting

(List the items to be discussed at the next meeting.)


Meeting was adjourned at 9 PM by Dennis Conrad. The next general meeting will be at 7 PM August 21, 2018 in the CVAG meeting room.

Minutes submitted by:

Eileen Carroll, Secretary

Approved by:


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