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Monthly Meeting Notes - August 21, 2018


The regular meeting of the Apple Grove Beekeepers Association was called to order at 7:10 PM on August 21, 2018 in the CVAG meeting room by Dennis Conrad.


24 existing members, 2 new members

Treasurer’s Report

Submitted by John Beers and attached, dated 7-17-18

General Business

  • Regarding the Queen order that was cancelled: John Beers said the supplier in Ohio never responded to any emails after his last contact. Poor service. John Beers is looking for other suppliers, contacting one in WV. Trying to have a new supplier for Spring.

  • Tshirt order – Eileen Carroll spoke with the owner who said he would try and have the order ready by Friday 8-24-18.

  • Ashley Powell is willing and able to check our bees for nosema. She has access to a high powered microscope. If anyone would like her to check, gather 10 bees per marked sandwich bag, cleanest bees possible (try not to gather bees from the ground, preferably get from the bottom board) and put them in her mailbox.

  • John Beers asked for help manning the table during the monthly meetings and asked for volunteers besides Gary Schatz. Won’t have to count money.

  • New Bee keeping Class coming in November - confirmed volunteers to teach a section: Ed Trainam, Mike Snavely, Mark Clements. Instructors need to familiarize themselves with our class material

  • Reminder to club members to check email and use it

General Business concluded 7:50 pm


Topics discussed:

- Mite Counts and Treatment:


ill Kelly asked if we just treat without testing first, could the bees become resistant? Yes, according to the state apiarist.

If there are 2 hives together with one having mites and the other ok, TREAT both hives because of drift.

If you are doing a drop count on a bottom board, check every 2 weeks for one or two hives: seeing 14 mites total on the whole board – TREAT! (try and see the clear ones as well as the reddish brown ones).

Sugar wash and alcohol count method: every 30 days. If greater than 3 per 100: TREAT

Varroa Mites can be “manageable” to “out of control” in 10 days.

Mark Clements reminded us that not all bee keepers want to or will use chemicals, but there are other best management practices and it is wise to do some sort of management to avoid losses from mites or other pests.

Good resource is ** for videos/info.

- Nosema “A”&”C”:

John Beers gave a presentation on the 2 types. Highest levels peak in Spring, stress related disease. Percentages of bees infected is more meaningful than spore counts when determining when to treat. When 30%-40% of bees are infected, hive health is greatly impacted and should be treated.

There are natural organic homemade recipes for treating with essential oils BUT MUST USE FOOD GRADE OILS (see

Good resource is **

- Pollen Substitute :

Mark Clements discussed.

It is a protein used to help build colonies prior to the nectar flow.

Fine powder pollen substitute: ultra bee, mega bee.

How much pollen should you see in September? Langstroth: 3-4 panels (usually on the outer sides), TopBar: 2-3 bars (usually in front).

If a hive is honey bound or pollen bound, the queen had no where to lay eggs and will not make it.

Pollen added in late Winter on a nice day will build a strong colony

Agenda for Next Meeting

(List the items to be discussed at the next meeting.)


Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM by Dennis Conrad. The next general meeting will be at 7 PM on September 18, 2018, in the CVAG meeting room.

Minutes submitted by Eileen Carroll, Secretary

Approved by: Name

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