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October 2017


Opening Meeting started @ 7pm was led by President Dennis Conrad

*Conrad asked if anyone lost hives brief discussion commenced, mentioned to watch for robbing

*Club volunteered to assist in indoor observation hive

*State fair re-cap, kudos to volunteers. Very successful event

11/4 New beekeeping class update

-class has 3 volunteers thus far

*Business cards update

-cards ere on hand and distributed

-Conrad had cards done with new logo

*Susie Vanderbush gave window decal update

-samples were displayed for vote

-pricing was discussed as well as potential printer

-group decided on final version

Main Topic


*Conrad led discussion which included the following:

-Mouse guard fro both top bar and langstroth

-aluminum model was displayed as well as using #2rabbit wire as another option

-look for nights to consistently drop below 50 degrees

*Glen McCray spoke to Top bar hives to include the following:

-using follower boards

-general feeding

*Conrad resumed discussion and included the following:

-do not over inspect this tie of the year unless there is a definite need

-continually check hive weights to determine food stores

-Conrad demonstrated placement of inner covers to allow for fondant feeding

-wind breaks discussed with what best to use (burlap)

-screened bottom boards, recommendation to put them in when temps plummet

-beesmart outer covers were demonstrated with benefits Club business

*Change in December meeting day from 12/19 to 12/12 (agreed).

Potluck with sign up sheet will be provided @ November meeting Closing

*Meeting concluded @ 9pm 2

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