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December 2017

Apple Grove Beekeepers Association


December 12, 2017

7:00 PM President Dennis Conrad called the meeting to order.

John Beers provided the treasurers report.

The club has 6 copies of “Beekeeping Basics” and 5 copies of “Field guide to Honey Bees”.

The club purchased a new Dell laptop computer, 15 foot HDMI cable, Cat 6 cable, security cable, laser pointer and presentation advance, and wireless keyboard and mouse for $462.95

A new Introduction to Top Bar Beekeeping class for February 3, 2018 announced.

Voting for the entries in the photo contest and determining the version of the window decal to be printed took place after the business meeting during the fried chicken dinner and numerous sides/desserts provided by members.

Mark Clements said grace before we adjourned to enjoy dinner and each other’s company.

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