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September 2017

Apple Grove Beekeepers Association

September 19, 2017 minutes

VP Mark Clements is filling in for Dennis today and opened the meeting in prayer.

John Beers gave his treasures report, report attached.

Marc Racette and John Beers talked about our upcoming beginner Bee class on November 4th.

Mark Clements, John Beers and Mike Snavely will be teaching, currently we only have two people registered.

Discussion about the decal was had, the membership brought up wanting the logo on hats and shirts as well. Sherrie Kelly, Ashley Powell and Eileen Carroll James Maitland will be on a committee to come up with buttons, tee-shirts and hats.

Mark Clements opened the floor for anyone to discuss anything bee related. Mouse guards were brought up and an entrance reducer is not good enough to stop a mouse, and it was recommended to put the guards in after the first frost. We also discussed feeding, swarms, absconding, mites, hive beetles and other topics. A good discussion was had.

Mark Clements went over what we should be doing this month, his list is attached. was mentioned as a resource for doing mite counts and other things to keep your hive healthy.

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