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July 18, 2017


The meeting was opened with prayer by Pastor Bernie.

The minutes from the June meeting were read and approved with a motion by John Beers and a second by Pastor Bernie. A discussion was had regarding discontinuing the reading of the minutes but having them posted on the website to be read prior to the meeting; so we could approve or disapprove at the subsequent meeting going forward. This should save time at the meetings. This will be implemented immediately.


Officers were elected at the June meeting and President Dennis Conrad appointed individuals to assist the officers: Joyce Talley to assist the Secretary and Gary Schatz to assist the Treasurer.

There were three entries for the logo contest; but picking a winner was deferred to the August meeting because of time constraints.

Club members had decided in June to participate in the Louisa Agriculture Fair, July 28 and 29. Updates were given regarding preparations for that. The observation hive was purchased and Sherrie Kelly and her husband did an outstanding job of painting that for the Club. Volunteers have signed up for that and final preparations are underway.

At the June meeting there was a discussion regarding closing the Facebook page to the public and have it be a “group” site. So going forward it will be available only to individuals whose dues are up to date.

That change will go into effect September 1, 2017.

The treasurer's reports was the final item of old business. Currently there is $709 ....$551 in the

checking account and $158 in cash. Total Income from December 2016 to May 2017 was $1057

Expenses for that time was $584.85.


John Beers brought up the need to audit the books at the end of the year. An audit committee was

appointed with Chairman, Eileen Carroll and two additional members: Jill Kelly and A nn Buckner.

They will meet at 6:30 just prior to the August meeting to fulfill this task.

Following the treasurer's report, Dennis Conrad welcomed the guests


John Beer did our presentation for the evening on treatment of varroa mites. He emphasized the need for treatment. He reviewed ways to determine if mites are in our hives and then the three treatments recommended. Glenn McCray added to the presentation by informing us of how he uses the vapor system to treat for mites in his hives.

Dennis will be placing an order for Apivar and will post on the website to see if any members have an interest in purchasing.

After a lengthy discussion on this subject, the meeting was adjourned by a motion from Gary Schatz with a second by Mike Snavely.

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