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May 6, 2017

Meeting called to order at 1905

  • The minutes and treasurers repot were read

  • VP Mark Clements will be having a photo shoot at his house on May the 27th for the web site

  • Matt Lewis, Joyce Talley and Ashley Powell were appointed to the nominating committee

  • Jill Kelly announced the results of our hive study: The members reported they started the winter with 99 hives with reported loss of 39 hives

  • Bethany Racette gave a power point presentation on summer flowers for bees

  • Elise Conrad gave a presentation on small hive beetles

  • Discussion was had by the executive committee prior to the meeting and brought up to the membership to raise the membership fees from $10 to $12 for individuals and from $15 to $18 for families. This will be carried over to next meeting for a vote.

  • President Conrad discussed the club buying a honey extractor for the membership to use. Jill Kelly is to look into how other clubs share their extractors.

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