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April 18th 2017

Meeting called to order at 1910 with opening prayer by Pastor Newcomb.

  • President Conrad passed around hive beetles so new members could recognize them in their hives.

  • Susie VanderBush showed the club website and demonstrated how to access the various pages.

  • Jill Kelly made a motion that only members be allowed to have access to the private AGBA Facebook Group beginning July 1, 2017. Any persons in the group who are not club members will be removed after that date. Motion seconded by Susie VanderBush, approved unanimously by the membership.

  • Elise Conrad announced that we will have a club party in July, details will be forthcoming, contact her if any member would like to help with planning.

  • President Conrad brought up for discussion the fact that the club charges for classes. He explained that the basic beekeeping class and top bar class had fees attached to help the club build revenue to be able to provide more benefits for members.

  • President Conrad displayed his honey extractor from Bee West.

  • General discussion followed, with members collaborating to receive answers to their questions.

Respectfully submitted,

Marc Racette, Secretary

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