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January 17, 2017

Meeting called to order by President Conrad at 1900

The awards for the photo and super contest were presented to:

Super awards:

1st Sherrie Kelly

2nd Daniel Racette

3rd Joyce Tally and Christina Racette tied.

Photo awards:

1st Marc Racette

2nd Doug Anderson

3rd Ann Buckner

Ann Buckner talked about and demonstrated a new smoker fuel called “kwikstart”. It offers about 10 minutes of heatless smoke.

President Conrad talked about nosema and how it has affected his hives and the difficulty of treating a hive in the winter.

Susie Vander Bush talked about creating a web page for the club and what would be needed and how to register a domain name. Susie made a motion to obtain a free .ORG address that was seconded by

Doug Anderson, motion carried unanimously.

Bethany Racette demonstrated how to assemble two type of cardboard nuc boxes and why you should have them at your apiary.

John Beers talked about swarm boxes and brought in some that he has made to demonstrate how they work. He is also making them and offering them for sell at $52 each.

Meeting adjourned at 2045.

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