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February 21, 2017 Meeting Notes

Meeting called to order by President Conrad at 1900.

President Conrad announced that Mark Clements has stepped up to be our Vice President.

Our web page is up and running

Tee shirts were brought up for our members to wear while representing the Association at sponsored events.

John Beers reported that we have $342.50 in our account and that we still have Beekeeping Basics and field guides available for purchase. WE currently have 48 members, 4 new tonight.

President Conrad went over several beekeeping tools and reminded everyone to keep an extra set of tools for when a mentor comes over to help inspect their hives to prevent cross contamination.

President Conrad also demonstrated how he sets up his hives, Medium-Deep and discussed how bees can starve in the winter.

President Conrad’s mentor William “Willie” Ernstes discussed Spring splits and general beekeeping techniques.

Meeting adjourned at 2115.

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