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March 21, 2017 Meeting Notes

Meeting called to order by President Conrad at 1900, with Pastor Newcomb opening in prayer.

February’s minutes were read and approved by the membership.

VP Mark Clements discussed European yellow jackets and offered a homemade recipe to lure them to a soda bottle trap. This works for yellow jackets and wax moths

6oz beer

8oz water

4Tbls strawberry jam

VP Clements also talked about putting together a club newsletter and asked the membership what they would like to be included in it.

Be ready to apply supers, the nectar flow will start sometime in April, Tulip Poplar is about to start.

If you are looking for plants for your bees consider looking for something that will give pollen and nectar in July and August, more to follow on that.

Glen McCray gave a presentation on top bar hives.

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