Fun & Entertainment

Oh, let me tell you about the Apple Grove Beekeepers,
A group of folks who love bees and their keepers.
They gather each month on the third Tuesday,
At a little church where they love to play.

They talk and they teach about beekeeping ways,
And presenters come to share their buzz-worthy displays.
The Beekeepers love to catch swarms on the fly,
And give advice to those who want to give it a try.

With suits and gloves and smokers in tow,
They tend to the hives with their honey glow.
They dance and they sing as they work with the bees,
And share their sweet nectar with all who please.

The Apple Grove Beekeepers know all the tricks,
To keep the bees happy and free of all ticks.
They share their knowledge with joy and with pride,
And encourage all who want to take the ride.

From pollen to nectar and everything in between,
The Beekeepers know just what the bees need.
They teach about the queen and the drones and the workers,
And how to keep them all healthy like a bunch of lurkers.

The Beekeepers know that bees are vital to all,
For without them our world would soon fall.
They spread the word about the bees and their plight,
And encourage others to join in the fight.

So if you're a beekeeper or want to learn more,
Come visit the Apple Grove Beekeepers and soar.
With their passion and knowledge and love for the bees,
You're sure to be buzzing with joy and with ease.

The Beekeepers welcome all with open arms,
And will gladly share their honey and their charms.
They'll teach you all about the bees and their ways,
And leave you with a love that forever stays.

So come join the Apple Grove Beekeepers today,
And learn about the bees in a fun-filled way.
With classes and talks and hands-on experience too,
You'll be a beekeeper before you even knew.

Thank you, thank you, Apple Grove Beekeepers,
For all that you do for the bees and their keepers.
May your love and knowledge spread far and wide,
And help our little friends thrive and survive.