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I have been checking hives.  I found some in good shape as far as weight goes and others empty so keep working toward the tilt weight goal of 65# by November.  40# for singles. I see lots of fall wild flowers out there.

Hive beetles are heavy in a few hives but nonexistent in others.  Just keep up the packman attack on them.  

Last year I felt comfortable about my hives but this year. Not so much.  We had a great year for the bees.  But it was a great year for pests, too.

I try not to go into my hives this time of year because of queen availability and drone population. However, if you feel that it's failing  look to see a merger maybe your only option.

Good luck everyone!


Start checking your hives. Make sure they are queen right we are running out of time to make corrections. Weak hives will be candidates for robberies, wax moths, and hive beetles. 


Drone populations are decreasing.  


Winter is coming for the girls.  I guess September 1st we will start looking at hive weights and conditions. 


See you August 15th.


What to do list for June


After the swarm period is over one will need to make sure their hive is still queen right.  I have seen a few that have become queen-less in past week. If you have idea when the last swarm occurred calculate when the Queen should have returned.  Look for eggs or Queen if you suspect something is wrong in the hive. Re-queen if necessary.  


Those with new package bees keep feeding it, if they will take it.  At the very least you want two hive bodies built for the bees to over winter in. 


Those with mature hives check supers for capped honey.  I say any day now if it hasn't already occurred.  


Start watching for hive beetles. 


Call if you have a question. 


Continue to add supers as needed using the 75% rule. Start practicing advanced beekeeping techniques. Monitor your hive beetle populations and look for growth in bee population and new wax. Watch the front of your hives for bees bringing pollen. 

 For the 1st year beekeepers, the hardest thing to do is not go into hives. Each time you go in pulling frames a disruption occurs and you risk injuring your Queen. Remember to use the 75% rule when adding additional boxes.


The tulip popular nectar flow is about to start!
Keep feeding new colonies that one to one syrup and add healthy honeybee. I use the 1-quart and 1-quart only approach (per day) to feeding. Put those feeders inside; do not use the entrance systems. 
Keep the feeders clean. Would you drink from a dirty glass?


If you’re not dealing with swarm conditions at your apiary put out wax moth traps.


If you’re not sure call a mentor or your club officers. That is why we are in a club to help us with our love of those beautiful girls.


Call anytime 
Dennis Conrad


Concentrate on adding supers, it is warming up and picking up. 
 I use the 75% rule, when frames are covered with bees add a super. 7 to 8 of 10 frames. When the girls have built 75% of wax on frames add a box. I use 9 frames in a 10 frame box. I use a spacer tool to set the frames. If the bee population is not expanding, one should do a hive inspection. Also, I have seen some hive beetles so I will be adding beetle blisters in top of hive. Please make sure your hive inner cover is on properly, any more than 3/8 of an inch they start building comb.

Maybe our VP will do a hive beetle presentation in near future; club has a presentation on file.

Start preparing for a split or swarms. Have your boxes ready!

Those of you getting packages or nucs, soon. If you need help, do not hesitate to ask or call. Feeding properly is essential to grow the hive, do not expect honey this year. However, occasionally a super system is born. Help them out with water, too. Try to make it drown proof (hahaha).

Use the 75% rule when adding boxes.

Here we go, hope we have a great honeybee experience.


Dennis Conrad

Check out


March: what do we do list

Usually this is easy. However, the weather has made it a little bit confusing when it comes to hive management so, I'm going to post what my plan of action will be. I welcome feedback.

I see an early nectar flow started already. So I'm checking my hives to see if the 75% rule is getting violated. 7 to 8+ frames of bees packed in with standing room only in 3 of my hives. So on went the supers. One has to decide if one is going to use queen extrudes. If one decides too, supers need built comb on it. If you don't have comb pre-built put super on for a few days unit they build on a couple of frames, then put extruded on. Lots of new babies itching to make comb.

Or, do an inspection to see if a honey line is in place. Queen normally will not cross a honey line. My queens aren't normal. I normally (me normal?) don't use extruded but I'm always trying something new.

Don't get to excited or worried and rush the supers, because they still need to keep the hive warm.

My super had a little honey in it. So, I'll be watching the weather. All those bees need to eat (like me). So, if there's a weather forecast of a couple of days of cold or rain, put some food on top of frames. Hopefully, we won't have a cold snap and freeze the larva.

The bees are going to need water. At the farm,20 hives, I see the water the bucket drop a gallon per day.

Swarm season*
It is fast approaching. If a split is in your future, remember 80 degree day to minimize egg deaths. 
If one sees a swarm and can't use it call someone in the club. I have read that 83% of swarms die, that are not captured. Even, some of the captured swarms die for a number of reasons. 
Last years our first swarm was April 11th. I think, based on weather we will see them in March. 
Doug Anderson passed on to me a swarm was captured in Virginia Beach already this year.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

Bee safe wear your vail!


Start preparing for the warmer months when the hive will really start humming. Build new boxes if needed. Prepare your frames.  


Check your hives on warm days.  Make sure you see activity around your hives.  Add extra food in your feeder if needed.

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