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Part of our goal is to provide interested Beekeepers a way to access Bee suppliers including Hardware, Service Providers, and of course, Bees!

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Local business in Bumpass, Va

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Mated Italian or Carniolan Queens




If you're looking for gentle, easy to work bees, we have the Mated Queens that will produce them. Gentle bees mean less protective clothing and a more enjoyable bee keeping experience.

Our queens are bred from our overwintered master hives and are great producers. All queens are local (to Appomattox, VA) Free Range Mated Italian or Dark Carniolan Queens and come marked.  These Gentle strains of bees are raised on all natural, small cell, chemical free comb and have been inspected and certified by the Virginia Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Queens are available for purchase on an as available basis, call, text or email for current availability.

Dark Carniolan Queens are available though the supply is limited.

Queen Pricing: $35.00 picked up from our bee yard, Call, text or email to schedule a pickup appointment.

Shipped Queens: $35.00 plus Priority Mail shipping charge of $10.50 or Priority Express Mail shipping charge of $30.00. Each additional queen carries an add-on shipping charge of $5.00.

Next available batch of queens expected to ship July 24th to 26th.

Queens are available for pickup on Sundays from 11am to 5 pm at our Appomattox, VA location, a pickup reservation is required.


Hands on Beekeepers LLC is a family-owned and operated business that promotes honey bee population growth by strengthening the bee community and raising awareness of the plight of the honey bee.What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...


826 Bryson Arch

Chesapeake, Virginia

​Call (757) 408-5201

The Scottsville Supply Co. is a small, locally-owned bee supply and gift store. We are a supplier of Mann Lake beekeeping supplies for central Virginia backyard beekeepers. Here you can find products and gifts for everyone! Our inventory includes: honey, honey-based candies, soaps, candles, beeswax polish, seeds, and bee- and farm-related antiques.


Si raises bees in the Central Virginia region and bottles raw honey for people just like you! Message the page or call 434-239-4165 to get more information and place an order! If you live close to the Lynchburg area, orders are often available for pick up or drop off.

We also have started selling nucs. Contact us for more details.


My name is  Brandy Stargell, my husband  Matthew and I are the owner's of Stargell's Apiaries In Varina, VA. We are a small but growing family operation. We are located near the Richmond Airport. I would like to extend an offer that we have only to Bee Clubs in our area. We are offering 3lb Packages for $90ea on order of 100 or more. Less than 100 the price would be $98 each. Also, we have Nucs priced at $140ea on order of 50 or more and less than 50 $165 each. We do ask that Payment in full be made before 1/1/18 so we can reserve the correct amount. 

Matt and I are open to any questions or concerns that you may have, fell free to email us any time.

Brandy Stargell


Stargells Apiaries


Royall Bees is a by product of Royall D Farms LLC. We care about the future of pollination and the importance of the Honey Bee. Member CBA, ERBA, VSBA, EAS

Bill Drumheller


Royall D. Farms, LLC

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For Sale - Beehive Nucs.jpg

Nucleus Honey Bee Hives for Sale (Blacksburg) 2019

I will have medium five-frame nucs for pickup from mid-April thru mid-July. They will contain two to three frames of brood, one to two of honey/pollen, one frame for expansion and, of course, the queen and bees. The queen will be an over-wintered 2018 queen or one hatched in 2019 that is laying a good brood pattern. Most queens will be marked. However, I cannot guarantee that all will be marked. I provide a waxed-cardboard nuc box for transport which is also temporary housing. You will need to transfer them to your own hive equipment. But, they can remain in the nuc box for a few days.

I can deliver, with no additional cost, to pick up points in Lynchburg and Roanoke or you may pick them up in Blacksburg. Delivery/pickup will be in order of the receipt of deposits. My bees are inspected by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

In the past twelve years, I have used queens exclusively from some of the best lines in the country; New World Carniolan, Purvis Brothers, Dr. Joe Latshaw's Aurea, Honey Bee Genetics, Pol-line Hygienic, Minnesota Hygienic, Harbo Bee Co. and VP Queen Bees lines. Google any of those lines to learn more. The queens in the nucs will have genes from these lines. The predominant genetics of my current stock is Pol-line Hygienic and Harbo Hygenic.

Nucs are a better way to start new hives than package bees since a nuc hive is functioning with brood hatching, a laying queen, drawn comb, and honey/pollen stores. Nucs are increasing in size the day they are installed. In contrast, packages do not hatch new bees until about 24 days after they are installed, which means they are declining in size until that point. When fed properly, hives started from nucs as late as July 15 will grow to full-sized hives before winter starts and make surplus honey the following spring.

Medium-frame nucs can be used to start either medium or deep frame hives. If you want to install them in deep boxes, first put them in a medium box. Then when they need a new box, put a deep box on top and when it is occupied with brood/honey move the deep to the bottom.

Price depends on the number of nucs you buy and the month you want to pick up the nuc(s). 1 nuc April: $185.00 May: $175.00 June or July: $165.00
2-10 nucs April: $175.00 May: $165.00 June or July: $160.00
11+ nucs April: $165.00 May: $155.00 June or July: $150.00

To reserve a nuc(s), please send a deposit of $25 per nuc to:

James Hicks
707 Somerset Place Blacksburg, VA 24060

Alternatively, you may send the deposit via Paypal to

To facilitate communication, you must also e-mail me at (or mail a note) telling me how many nucs you have ordered, what month you want them, your name, address and cell phone number.

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