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Apple Grove Beekeepers Association is dedicated to informing and educating current beekeepers, interested beekeepers, and just the curious, about the benefits this small insect has on our world.

We strive to do this through educational hands-on classes, club meetings, and workshops.  Come visit us and let's get hooked on the many benefits of bees together!

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Club Contact: (804) 690-8436


5052 Cross County Rd

Mineral, VA 23024

@ the Central Virginia Assembly of God

Found a Swarm? We can help

Click here to a list of Swarm Catchers


What is a swarm you may ask. Honey bees swarm for a few reasons. To crowded in their hive, and it's their way to populate or multiply are a few reasons.

Don't be scared of them when you see a ball of bees. They rarely sting when they are in this state because they engorge themselves with honey making them fat. They are just looking for a new home.  It could be a ball of bees the size of a soft ball or as big as a 5 gallon bucket. There is no need to spray them with anything. Once you see a swarm please remain calm and call me or another Beekeeper to remove them for you.

Thank you,
Apple Grove Beekeepers Association


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